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Reed and Mill Turn Up Tape






The Gift Shop, Medford, WI
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Image by Anne Nygård

Joyce is a real Wisconsin woman: born in Phillips, grew up in Park Falls, graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, and has lived in Medford since 1980. Basket weaving has been a passion of Joyce’s since 1986 when she started weaving with a friend and taking classes at North Central Technical College in Medford. She has attended numerous basket weaving conventions in Wisconsin. These conventions have provided the opportunity to learn from instructors from all over the country. The baskets that Joyce regularly creates are made out of reed. One of her favorite baskets is the Williamsburg since it is large, has a wonderful shape, and allows for a lot of variations. She also enjoys making functional onion, garlic, potato, napkin, wine and Easter baskets. Her specialty is creating custom baskets. Ask Joyce to create a basket for you!

Image by Anne Nygård
Image by Anne Nygård
Image by Anne Nygård
Image by Anne Nygård