Sandra Churness

Sandra Churness






Valley Art Gallery: 715-226-1921

Valley Art Gallery, Chippewa Falls, WI
Fri-Sat 9am-4pm year round

Years ago friends taught me to batik. What a gift they gave me! I loved the process and the results then, and still do after all these years and hundreds of batiks! Batik is an Indonesian word meaning "wax writing." It starts with a sketch on cotton fabric. Melted beeswax and paraffin are painted on the areas of the design that are to be white. It is then dipped in the lightest color dye. After drying, the areas to be that color are waxed. This process is repeated until all the colors are dyed and waxed. The wax is removed by placing the batik between paper and ironing causing the wax to be absorbed into the paper.
I am inspired by the patterns and designs I see in nature, so most of my subjects are botanicals and landscapes. I love the surprise factor in batik: how the fabric texture, waxing technique, combination of dyes, and crackle all combine to create a unique piece every time.


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