Ann Wrzosek-Manor

Meadowsong Studios

Wheel-Thrown & Hand-built Pottery

E15501 Co. Rd. D., Fall Creek, WI

I have always created. Having had my last "art class" in 3rd grade, I didn't consider my work to be art until I was much older. I love the process of creating and making art with my adult and young students adds even more ideas and excitement to my work. Working with clay, glass mosaic, stone art, fiber art...the tactile textures excite my hands and the color thrills my mind. I thrive on new art experiences and media. Though I am constantly searching out and experimenting with new ideas I always return to clay. Clay is a wide open dimensional canvas. I make both functional and decorative pieces but my heart lies with bowls. The sizes and forms are endless and the wheel-thrown circular aesthetic speaks to me. I really enjoy the sensation of manipulating clay, trimming, perfecting, burnishing... It is a kind of meditation for mind and body.


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