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Jeff Nelson



Eau Claire, WI

Watercolor, Oil, Acrylic





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I am Jeff Nelson, signing as J Nelson, currently living in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I have lived
and worked in Colorado and Florida. My artistic journey began as a youth. Under the nurturing
wing of grandparents and parents I was encouraged to express and experiment with drawing
and painting. My earliest remembrance is of Rosemaling at the kitchen table with
grandparents and other relatives. My formal education included the University of Wisconsin
where a BFA was achieved. Also, extension courses at the University of Saint Thomas and
University of Florence, Florence, Italy were completed. I have no specific medium of choice.
However, much time has been spent with watercolor. Currently, I am working with cold wax
and paper constructions. My work has appeared at galleries in Kansas City, Minneapolis and
St Paul, Minnesota, Naples, Florida and smaller galleries around our region. I am currently a
member of The Valley Art Association, Pablo Center, Heyde Center for the Arts, and the
Association of Wisconsin Artists. The act of creating gives meaning to living each day.
Because of this I consider myself fortunate to be an artist.

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