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Ron La Blanc



Many Pines Art Studio

County Road M, Augusta, WI

Oil Painting & Stoneware Pottery





Image by Anne Nygård

Ron La Blanc was born (1941) and raised in Milwaukee, WI.  He moved to California after receiving an Electrical Engineering degree from UW-Madison to work on the Saturn rocket program that sent men to the moon. A passion for flying caused him to join the US Air Force (USAF) where he became a pilot and later an air traffic controller.  After living out west for several years he fell in love with the beauty and grandeur of the mountains.  Ron was influenced by the paintings of Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran.  
He started to oil paint as a teenager using paint-by-number sets, and soon after began creating his own paintings.  After his first USAF move in his car he discovered that a stretched canvas painting had a large dent due to shifting books so he decided to paint on hard board and later on canvas glued to hard board and painted with Gesso.  Ron is retired near Augusta, WI with his wife Ellen, where he spends lots of time in the forest, paints mountain landscapes, makes his own frames and makes wheel thrown pottery.

Image by Anne Nygård
Image by Anne Nygård
Image by Anne Nygård
Image by Anne Nygård
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