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2020 Update: The official Falling Leaves Tour has been cancelled, but please see our small list open studios during the weekend of 10/3-10/4 here. See the map here.


Old and young. Family and friends. We are open to all. This is a fun free event.


A FREE, family friendly, self-guided tour of art studios exhibiting, demonstrating, and selling original works of art.


Saturday, October 3-10am to 6pm

Sunday, October 4-10pm to 5pm


Many studios and stops in and around the small communities of Augusta, Fairchild, and Fall Creek, in Northwestern Wisconsin.


Falling Leaves Art Tour was started in 2003 by Rozan Henning in Augusta, WI in collaboration with other local artists in an effort to share their inspiring works with a larger audience. Since that time, it has grown to include up to 15 studios/stops and up to 31 artists in a diverse range of media.

Things to Know Before You Go

  • There is no need to make reservations, simply print a tour map or follow our online map, and start/end wherever is convenient for you.

  • Many of the studio owners will provide snacks and refreshments, but if you are looking for lunch there are many restaurants/cafes along the way. Even better, pack a lunch and picnic at a scenic spot or park along the way.

  • For your convenience, the map route is marked by orange leaf-shaped signs directing your turns and clearly identifying the artists’ studios or stops.

  • Bring your camera, you will see picturesque landscapes and breathtaking autumn views.


For more information about the event, to give us feedback, or if you are interested in joining the tour, feel free to contact us.

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